J JamesGames.com Review: Vtech KidiZoom PrintCam

Review: Vtech KidiZoom PrintCam

Have your photos and print 'em, too!
By: James Oppenheim | Created: 2021-12-05 20:58:20 | (Updated: 2022-04-28 05:41:41)

The Vtech KidiZoom Print Camera is one of my favorite toys of the year.  It takes color photos which can be jazzed up with digital overlays and frames.  You can download the pictures to your computer and print them out in color on your home printer. The feature that takes this camera over the top, though, is a built in black and white printer that uses thermal paper.  The prints are relatively cheap, and can be easily incorporated in collages or just given as treats to family and friends.  Kids loved the flip-up lens that lets them take selfies.  As of this writing refills for the printer were just about impossible to find, though there are promises of new ones coming in.  I haven't tried using other thermal paper in the printer because the manual warns against it, though I suspect it probably would work.  Hopefully the refills, like almost everything else in the supply-chain this year, are on their way from wherever they are manufactured.  My kid tester also wants me to add that he liked the three simple arcade games built into the camera; though I wish they had been omitted.

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