J JamesGames.com Noodle Words the must-buy among kid's apps!

Noodle Words the must-buy among kid's apps!

Designers should have to study this program before they work on any kids programs. It is a master's degree in 18 verbs.
By: James Oppenheim | Created: 2012-06-27 09:42:21 | (Updated: 0000-00-00 00:00:00)
What's got 18 verbs, two cute characters, a great idea, and a sense of humor? How about one of the best kids apps of all time! In Noodle Words eighteen verbs are ready to take your kids on a thorougly entertaining adventure to literacy. When "touched", each word "says" its name and then has an action that demonstrates what it means. Tap on sparkle, and it glitters; jump makes the word "jump" and so on. You can even make the word "stretch" do just that by pulling on it like a rubber band. The verbs are also "demonstrated" by two adorable cartoon characters, with additional animations and sound effects that insure that this interactive letter book will get played with again and again. The app is a project of Mark Schlicting, one of the true legends of children's software, creator of the Living Books series. The sheer joy of this little app, its simplicity, and clarity of purpose make it a must have. There is next to nothing to criticize in this gem. One complaint that goes back all the way to the Living Books is that it should be possible to disable the parental area when kids are playing so they don't accidentally get to an area that is developmentally inappropriate or confusing. Noodle Words provides wonderful opportunities to interact with you child, just as we've done with children's picture books forever: read them/play them with your kids. Help them find the animations, delight in the action, and stimulate them think of other words that might mean the same or similar meanings. The interaction makes the experience sweeter, memorable, and meaningful for you both even as you enrich your child's love of reading.
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