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Monster Jam RC Mega Megalodon

This thing is huge!
A JamesGames  Review!
By: James Oppenheim | Created: 2022-11-19 12:27:08 | (Updated: 2022-11-19 12:37:22)

Nothing can really prepare you for the size of the Monster Jam RC Mega Megalodon ($82.49) remote control truck that looks like it shot out from Sharknado!  Few RC vehicles I've seen are as massive.  The wheels, made of foam are designed for indoor as well as outdoor play.  Everything from the giant tires to the shark on top of the massive spring loaded suspension makes this an awesome holiday gift.  Two caveat, though - It is a commitment to having a lot of batteries in the house, as are all RC trucks.  Consider purchasing a recharger and rechargeable batteries to take some of the heavy operating cost down the road.  Hey, if it is good enough for Tesla, it might work for you, too.  Also, some dogs and (younger siblings) found the the vehicle too scary to have roaming the house.  Marked 4 & up.

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$ 82.49