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Essential Photoshop Plug-in
By: James Oppenheim | Created: 2021-12-05 18:20:34 | (Updated: 2022-04-28 05:43:03)

This year I've kept a little list of companies who went above and beyond, who actually made their customer's lives easier or better.  Greg Benz deserves special praise in this regard. 

If you are a photographer you are almost certainly familiar with the annual pain that comes with subscription software and upgrades.  Adobe's Creative Suite's was only the start.  Now many plug-in providers have also moved to this model.   The costs add up.  Soon the price of updates can rival a pretty nice new lens. 

Compare that with Greg's essential plug-in, Lumenzia ($39).  I bought this plug-in for Photoshop years ago after watching a video tutorial from Benz where he demonstrated this excellent method for bringing out the best in your photos. Every few months it seems I get an email from Greg saying he has updated the program.  He's never charged an upgrade fee, and while I don't know if he will keep this up indefinitely, I appreciate what he has done so far.

Lumenzia is a Photoshop plug-in that vastly simplifies the making of selections and masks that can be used to enhance photos.   The program has gone through numerous upgrades, and yet he has never asked for another penny.  I use his plug-in all the time, and it keeps getting better.  By the way the upgrades haven't just been "bug fixes". Lumenzia has received new features that make it one of the first tools I go to when I'm really "working" a photo, trying to bring out the best in what might be hidden within.

Using an interesting model, Benz offers the program at a low price, but then charges many multiples more for his courses on how to use it.  These are optional, and I found that I could get great results with just the free material he provides, which is not to say you shouldn't get the bundles he offers.   If you edit in Photoshop, Lumenzia is a must-have and Benz deserves a lot of praise for continuing to improve the product and providing free upgrades.