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eufy Baby S340 Smart Sock & Camera

Biometric peace of mind!
A JamesGames  Review!
By: James Oppenheim | Created: 2022-11-17 20:29:10 | (Updated: 2022-11-17 20:46:51)

Last weekend I was babysitting my youngest grandson.  My wife and I had sung the tot to sleep, laid him in his crib, and closed the door.  On the baby monitor we watched him settle from position to position, and ultimately drift off to deeper sleep.  But, as the night went on, he didn’t seem to move and made no sound.  At one point, both of us became alarmed, and I went in to see if he was alright.  Honestly, he was so deep in slumber that the only way I could tell he was ok was by gently putting my hand on his back and feeling him breath in and out. 

Oh, how I wished that my kids had the Eufy S340 Baby Sock & Camera, ($329) a bundle that includes an excellent 2K Camera with a wearable sensor to give parents peace of mind. 

The world of baby monitors has come a long way since my parents wired an intercom between their bedroom and the nursery when I was a child.  Now things are wireless, and instead of imitating a radio, you can view your baby in high definition color!  Eufy, an Anker brand, takes things to the next level by providing biometric monitoring of your bundle of joy.

Strangely, this latest innovation, was the most controversial among new parents I consulted. Who would have thought such an innocuous thing as a baby monitor could be so divisive?  Some felt it would overwhelm them with information and be something they would constantly be checking.  Others, however, were thankful for the information, and took comfort in the idea that if something was amiss, they would get prompt notification. 

It would have made this grandparent’s night a lot easier.


The last thing new parents want to have to deal with is technology.  Those first nights with baby are complicated enough without having to spend time pouring over manuals or on hold with tech support. While setting up the Eufy system necessarily has more than a few steps, the process is guided and simple.  After you download the “Eufy Baby” app, you’ll be prompted to scan the small barcode on the bottom of the camera and charging station.  Anyone who has connected a Roku or earbuds to a cell phone will be comfortable with the process – basically you give the WIFI enabled devices access to your home network, and the app does the rest, so have the password for your network handy before you start. 

The camera can be mounted to a wall using the supplied kit, attached to a crib using a non-destructive clamp, or just placed on a shelf or countertop.  The “sock” is really a soft cloth wrap that velcros in place.  A sensor that goes over the top of the foot, and connects to the base station wirelessly to monitor the baby’s sleep and heartrate. 

Of course, the whole system is predicated on a good WiFI signal.  So, before investing in the Eufy make sure your baby’s room is getting a good signal!

Information is Power

The motorized camera can be zoomed and panned remotely from the app.  With it you can see in a darkened room using the night-vision settings, or get a full color view in better light. 

The system is designed to alert you if the sock falls off, the temperature in the room goes outside of whatever limits you set, or the baby’s heartrate causes alarm. 

The connection between your phone and the camera allows you to play one of the five built-in songs or speak to the baby through the built in speaker. Perhaps my only significant issue with the set are the quality of the songs.  I would rather have had more traditional tunes, perhaps songs in the public domain that have been entertaining kids for ages.  Also, a white noise option would have been a welcome addition.

Video from the camera is stored locally on a supplied mini-SD card, so there is no need to pay for a monthly service as with some other monitors.

Of course , once your baby gets dexterous enough to remove a sock, the device should be discontinued.  Likewise, when the baby is able to pull herself up and cruise in the crib, the camera must be relocated to keep the baby safe. This is why the product is rated for children up to 18months, but your milage may vary depending on your child’s dexterity!

An important feature is that you can log into the system remotely to check in even when you have to leave baby at home. In fact, you can share remote access with up to five users.

Ultimately, it comes down to how much you value the biometric peace-of-mind.  You can certainly buy cameras to listen in on your child for less, including from Eufy!  But if you will sleep easier knowing that your newborn is sleeping soundly and safely, the price is certainly warranted.


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