Black Friday Alert on the Pro Fitter Ski Trainer

20% off special direct from the manufacturer
A JamesGames  Review!
By: James Oppenheim | Created: 2019-11-26 21:35:30 | (Updated: 0000-00-00 00:00:00)

I just received word that Fitterfirst is having a site wide Black Friday 20% off sale.  

The sale does apply to the amazing Pro Fitter Ski Trainer, bringing the price down from $699 to $560, one of my favorite products reviewed this year! The offer is valid from Nov 20 - 26, 2018 and does not apply to their Varidesk standing desk line.  Oddly, the discounted price doesn't show up until the product is in your shopping cart.  Check to make sure you received the discount before placing an order

If you want to get yourself in shape for the slopes and keep in shape during the off-season this device is well worth the investment.  There aren't many exercises that I actually look forward to doing, but using the Pro Fitter Ski Trainer is the exception.  It is genuinely fun to build flexibility, strength, endurance, and form as part of my workout.  I have found myself drawn to it several times a day as a stress buster.

The images, above, go a long way of showing how it works.  In its most basic mode you move laterally while facing forward, using your core to swing left and right on the tensioned foot pads.  The object isn't necessarily to zoom all the way from one side to the next.  Instead, it is more important to develop a smooth rhythm while at the appropriate level of mechanical resistance for your weight.    I found it helpful to have some music on, just as I often do when I'm skiing, to help me keep a good, steady, flowing movement.  

The device was created by an expert Canadian speed skier.  Let me tell you, I think the design is excellent and the build attractive and solid.  You can see videos of it in use here.  

The first time I used it, I realized that I was feeling exactly the same muscle groups tire that I feel when doing a good run on the slopes.  With each day I sense my strength is improving, and I expect this will lead to better carving when the snow finally comes next month.

Two bits of advice:  Before using the Ski Trainer be sure to set the proper tension, otherwise you may find yourself flying sideways across the room.  The box comes with a helpful DVD and paper documentation; skip it at your peril.  Also, don't look at your feet while you're exercising.  The instructions suggest looking straight ahead.  As you traverse from left to right you're also rocking up and down, as if you were going over small moguls.  This combination of movement can confuse your brain, particularly if you're looking at your feet.  It is just too much to put together as you're moving and consequently can lead to disorientation and potential injury.   

Keep in mind that the Pro Fitter Ski Trainer can be used in other exercise modalities.  In fact, it comes with a laminated guide that shows many exercises that can strengthen upper and lower strength as well as core.  

Highly recommended.  Grab the sale while it is available.   By the way does not receive a commission or other referral fee from the Fitterfirst site.