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Anker 511 30 Watt Charger

Perfect stocking stuffer!
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By: James Oppenheim | Created: 2022-10-29 18:45:37 | (Updated: 2022-10-29 18:55:50)


Gone are the good old days when your new phone or tablet would automatically come with a charging brick.  Today you’re lucky if you get a charging cable. 

Improvements in charging technology make investment in a great charger worthwhile.  Anker makes the one’s I’ve used the most and the new Anker 511 Nano Charger is the best I’ve tried yet.

First, it is tiny and good looking, available in multiple colors.. Designed to be taken with you it is light and diminutive.  Even the prongs that go into the wall collapse into the body of the charger, so there is less chance of it snagging your bag or contributing to a rat’s nest of tangle wires. 

Next, it is fast.  It charged my iPhone 13 to 50% 3 times faster than a standard 5 volt charger.  Anker claims it will charge the phone to 100% in just over an hour and a half, and my tests bore that out. 

It is versatile:  With 30 Watts of charging power it can power an iPad Air (4 or 5), iPadPro ( ’21, ’20, ’18), iPad Mini, or MacBook Air (2020 or 2022) .  On the phone side, the iPhone 1, 12, 13 series), Samsung (S20-S22, and the Samsung Note (20, 20 Ultra, 10+, 10).  The AirPods and even the Nintendo Switch.

It is smart - has built-in tech that monitors the temperature of the device via more than thirty times a second, important when trusting your expensive devices to its charge!  

Keep in mind that the base model charger does not include a cable.  You can use your own cable (provided it plugs into a USB type C socket, or purchase one of the Anker bundles.   The Anker 511 Nano Charger is probably not the cheapest fast charger you can find on-line.  Think about it though:  when you connect a phone, tablet or computer to it you're trusting hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to it.  Is this the time to scrimp on quality?  I can only attest to the excellent track record I've experienced with Anker's chargers over the years.  

One thing I like about Anker, beyond its products usually excellent value, durability, and reliability, is the company’s efforts to reduce pollution and waste.  They have an entire line of cables that replace much of the plastic that goes into standard cables with plant-based, biodegradable materials, without sacrificing durability.

A perfect stocking stuffer, the Anker 511 Nano Charger will up your portable-power game.  Highly recommended.

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$ 22.95   without cable