Review: Ultra Dash

Fast, active fun!

In a world where hi-tech in toyland often equates to increased sedentary activity, Ultra Dash  ($19.80) stands out as a toy that will get your kids moving! 

The set comes with a color changing wand and five different colored targets.  The targets can be spread throughout the room or yard.  The object is to run from target to target as directed by the color on the wand before time runs out.  There are three game modes:  In "beat the clock" mode  you try to hit all five targets as fast as you can.  In the "target tally" game you set a game length and see how many correctly colored targets you can tap the wand.  Finally, in relay race mode, that would be good at a party.  You can see a video here.

It is active fun.  Lots of running, lots of noise, and lots of excitement!  A real winner!