Lightning Mcqueen, from Cars, is Mattel's latest programmable robot for kids

2017's  biggest hi-tech trend in toyland is the proliferation of programmable gadgets for kids.  Last year Fisher-Price pushed coding to toddlers with the amazing Code-a-pillar.  It took the metaphor out of "object-oriented programming" by giving kids literal "objects" to code with in the form of the body segments of the bug.  The robot could be commanded to exececute a series of manuevers by assembling the body part objects,  each of which would point the bug in a different direction, in any order.  

This year the robot, Lightning McQueen from the Cars series from Pixar, is controlled by drawing a path on a touchscreen on the trunk of the car.  The robot executes the manuever, following the path sketched on the touchpad.  You can see it in action on my YouTube channel.