Holiday Fitness Gifts 2019

Holiday Fitness Gifts 2019

I'll be appearing on SiriusXM's Doctor Radio Fitness Show on Tuesday, November 26  at 8AM EST to talk about my picks for hi-tech fitness gadgets (and more) for the holiday season!  Here are some of the products I'll be showcasing.  Note: Prices at this time of year fluctuate wildly.  These prices were correnct at the time the piece was posted, but may reflect Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts.  Be sure to check before you purchase.  Also, note that in most cases the links below go to, and that may receive a referral fee if you purchase through the links.  

 Tracking Health and Fitness

Workout Gadgets and Gizmos, and Virtual Reality

Beat Saber ($29.99): Music plus lightsabers = a workout!

Creed: Rise To Glory ($19.99) Enter the Rocky Universe with first-person boxing!

Vader Immortal, pt 1, 2, & 3 ($9.99 each) May the Force be with you as you fight and fly in a galaxy far, far away.

Keeping you and your gadgets safe

Ski Gear

 Musical Workouts

Fight Back Pain

Action  (and Other) Cams

Other Cool Gadgets