Flush these gross toys.

A JamesGames  Review!
By: James Oppenheim | Created: 2018-07-25 02:01:20 | (Updated: 0000-00-00 00:00:00)

I wondered how we have devolved to the point that there are so many scatalogical toys for kids this year.  Then I turned on the news and heard the President of the United Staes say we should not believe  the "crap" we are told in the media.  That "crap" should issue from the President's mouth is simply shocking to me.  Gross toys have always had a special place in toyland, but this year (surprise, surprise) things are more gross and less civil than ever.  By fiat, "crap" is now fit for the public airwaves.  And toy-crap is what is being sold to our kids.  

Please, do not pander to the lowest possible impulses.  Don't buy into this digusting trend.  

Flush Force ($3.47 and up) is a series of collectable toys.  You get a toilet and get to dig out some gross figure from its bowl. 

I didn’t think things could get much worse than that until I saw FlushNFrenzy – Pop The Poop! Game ($19.99) where you get a toilet, a plunger and a piece of plastic poop.  Basically, this is a hot-potato game played with a turd.

Once again, I thought things couldn’t descend further into the toilet until I saw a toy that was (in my opinion) both anti-ecological and anti-social: Toilet Paper Blaster ($17.99), a toy that claims to shoot paper up to 30’.