Review: NES Classic Edition

This is a must-have holiday gift for nostalgic gamers.  Nintendo has bundled 30 of the best NES games into a miniaturized version of the console ($59.99).  Unlike a lot of the retro gaming consoles I've looked at in the past, this one uses a modern HDMI connector instead of the old yellow composite cables on the original.  This is good because some sets don't even have the old, often noisy connector. 

Setup is virtually non-existent.  The box connects to power via a supplied USB adapter, and to your TV by HDMI. About half the games support two-player action, so keep it in mind that though the unit can support two NES controllers, the box only comes with one.  And note, the cable is short, so you're probably going to be doing your gaming where you were when you played on the original: on the floor in front of the TV.  

The games include some of the  best:  Super Mario Brothers, Metoid, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Legend of Zelda, and more.  It is a time-travel trip back to the past, but updated to fit today's superior TVs.  You can play in three modes:  Original, where you'll have a 4:3 screen, wide screen, or retro mode. that simulates how bad TV looked back then in the age of cathode tubes.  

This is a polished product, unlike most retro game sets I've looked at.  Not every game you might remember is here, and there is no provision for downloading more.  What you see is what you get.  Still, for those with a hankering for the good olde days of 8-bit gaming, this is winner of form and function!